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A New Book by John Geyman, M.D. - NOW Available

How Obamacare is Unsustainable
by John Geyman, M.D.

Published in January, 2015 by Copernicus Healthcare
ISBN paper: 978-0-9887996-9-1
Paperback: $18.95 / 328 pages with figures and tables
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Confusion and controversy have plagued the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) since its enactment in March 2010. Republicans have generally opposed the legislation and attempted to obstruct it in parts or repeal it altogether. Democrats have tended to support it, defending it against the opposition but wary of some of its problems. Patients and families are caught in the middle as the debate heats up in
election years.

This is the first book to take an evidence-based approach to assessment of the good and bad about this signature domestic legislation of the Obama presidency aft er fi ve years of experience. Th e evidence already shows that the three major aims of the ACA—to provide near-universal access to health care, to contain costs and make health care affordable, and to improve the quality of U.S. health care—are not being met. Evidence and experience show that the ACA’s approach to health care reform will not work. As it fails, the big question is what next? The case is made—on economic, social and moral grounds—that a single-payer improved Medicare for all system will meet the ongoing goals of reform. This book explains how all Americans can gain universal access to comprehensive health care, paying less than we do now, with more value and less bureaucracy.

Copernicus Healthcare focuses on healthcare reform, single payer financing, Medicare, and other topics that affect the health and well-being of Americans. Copernicus publishes books and eBooks within the health care genre.

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Click link: "Addressing the Primary Care Crisis"
source: Health Workforce Information Center
synopsis: Provides a Q&A with Dr. John Geyman, author of "Health Care Wars - How Market Ideology and Corporate Power are Killing Americans." Focuses on the shortage and maldistribution of primary care providers, attempts to address these issues through policy changes and education, and barriers to implementing changes. (read full article)

Previous Books from Copernicus Healthcare

Everybody In, Nobody Out - Memoirs of a Rebel Without a Pause / by Quentin Young, M.D.

Published in 2013 by Copernicus Healthcare / 252 pages
ISBN paper: 978-0-9887996-7-7
Paperback: $18.95 /

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Quentin hasn’t been afraid to speak truth to power. He hasn’t shied away from a good fight – as a teenager protesting the murder of unionizing steelworkers; as a University of Chicago undergraduate enlisting for duty in World War II; as physician to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Abbie Hoffman, Studs Terkel, Harold Washington and the Beatles when they were in Chicago; as chairman of medicine at Cook County Hospital; as doctor-organizer during the Freedom Summers in Mississippi and the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago; as a witness before the House Un-American Activities Committee; and as a leading advocate for a single payer healthcare system.

In this long-awaited first person account, Quentin Young shows he’s not afraid to give his unvarnished opinions about people, politics, and policies and his advice for creating movements and organizations to make a difference.

Souls on a Walk / by John Geyman
Published in 2013 by Copernicus Healthcare / 210 pages

Paperback $11.95
eBook: $9.95
PB: ISBN 978-0-9837734-5-0
eBook: ISBN 978-0-9837734-5-0

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“I have been reading the memoir again, and find it as moving as the first time. I returned to it because a dear friend's husband is heading down the path your wife took, and I thought that it would be helpful to him. When I picked it up and started to address the envelope to her, I began leafing through it—and was hooked. You have given anyone who reads it a light into the darkness." —Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company




Health Care Wars - How Market Ideology and Corporate Power are Killing Americans / by John Geyman, M.D.

Published in 2012 by Copernicus Healthcare / 248 pages
ISBN paper: 978-0983773481
Paperback: $18.95 / eBook: $9.99

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While pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and medical product companies profit, taxpayers are getting squeezed at an accelerating rate. To make sense of the system and understand why the health care cost debate is only beginning you have to read the succinct words of one of America's wise men, John Geyman, MD. Regardless of what the Supreme Court decides and which party controls Washington, Dr. Geyman's words of wisdom will guide us for the foreseeable future. A must read for all interested in health care policy.

"Dr. John Geyman's Health Care Wars is a tour de force..."
— Ralph Nader, author of Getting Steamed to Overcome Corporatism: Build it Together to Win


The Cancer Generation: Baby Boomers Facing a Perfect Storm
Second Edition

(2012) 304 pages, $18.95
Coming Soon!
ISBN paper: 978-0-9837734-3-6
ISBN ebook: 978-0-9837734-2-9

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Baby Boomers, America’s largest demographic group ever, is reaching ages when cancer is most likely to strike, transforming them into The Cancer Generation - They face rapidly rising costs of cancer care that place necessary care beyond the reach of millions. The landscape of cancer care in this country is changing, and our market-based system is failing patients and their families. This book shows the way forward, outlining eight steps to lasting health care reform.



The Art of Medicine in Metaphors / by James Borton

Published in 2013 by Copernicus Healthcare
Paperback: $14.95

ISBN: 978-0-9837734-9-8

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Poetry and stories about illness address more than just the symptoms of disease. Narratives and poems are the pathways for people to make sense of and discover meaning in life’s difficult events. This anthology connects the world of medicine with patients’ experience. The lyrical power of patients’ voices and the metaphors they use offer insight, empathy, and compassion into the heart of the medical conversation. 

“It is always a privilege to listen to the voices of ordinary people as they struggle with the extraordinary challenges inherent in serious illness, disability, loss, and death.  In The Art of Medicine in Metaphors, these heartfelt stories pour forth, in poetry and in prose, and we are lifted up in reading them.” —Dr. Johanna Shapiro, Director, Program in Medical Humanities & Arts University of California, Irvine College of Medicine. Irvine, CA.


Breaking Point - How the Primary Care Crisis Endangers the Lives of Americans
by John Geyman, M.D.

“As always, John Geyman’s feet-on-the-ground, eyes-on-the-horizon writing about health care in America brings lucidity to the topic... It is Geyman at his best.” —Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D., Murdock Head Professor of Medicine and Health Policy, The George Washington University

(2011) 234 pages, $18.95

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