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Sharon Duncan is the best selling author of the Friday Harbor-based Scotia MacKinnon mystery series. She is a linguist, an accomplished sailor, and a tango dancer. Going Dark, Book #1 of her new espionage series featuring MI5 Officer Kate St. Claire, will be available in September 2017. Sharon divides her time between Washington State and a hideaway on the Gulf of Mexico, with occasional sojourns in Buenos Aires.


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Making a living as a private detective on San Juan Island, ex-cop Scotia MacKinnon finds her life complicated by her new client, Elyse Montenegro, who claims that she has been targeted by a stalker and whose best friend and late husband have both turned up dead.




Pacific Northwest private detective Scotia MacKinnon is hired by the victim's brother to investigate the "accidental" death of Tina Breckenridge, a sailing instructor, who supposedly drowned near her abandoned boat, following a trail of frustrating dead ends, threats, and crime as she and her assistant retrace Tina's final moments.


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When private investigator Scotia Mac-Kinnon is hired by Chantal Rousseau to find her ex-husband and notorious con-artist Forbes Cameron, she discovers that his ex-wives are being murdered one by one, forcing her to race against time and catch a killer before her client becomes the next victim. Original.

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Escaping to a yoga retreat on a neighboring Santa Maria Island, former cop Scotia MacKinnon finds her quest for peace and serenity shattered by murder when a storm traps her, and the other guests, on the island with a brutal killer. Original.






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A male escort known as Black Irish is blackmailing the Director of the Security Service. On a cobblestone street in Mayfair a little green Alfa Romeo is incinerated. An MI5 informant turns up dead in Tavistock Square. A mujaidaat is stalking the woman who stole her husband. The Friends of the Prince are planning an intervention in Kurdistan. And that's just on Friday.



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Returning from a sojourn in the Mediterranean, Friday Harbor P.I. Scotia MacKinnon takes on a notorious cold-case murder file. Decades earlier, an Orcas Island horsewoman was accused, convicted, and sentenced to ife imprisonment for the alleged murder of her husband, the philandering Norwegian boat pilot, Capt Peder Gundersen. All despite the fact that the prosecution was never able to establish that a murder had actually occured. No body, no eyewitnesses.

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