Introduction to Health Care Disconnects

Blog 1: Introduction to Health Care Disconnects: A Reform Perspective Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Blog 2: Is Obamacare the pathway to real reform?
Blog 3: Medicaid expansion and the ACA
Blog 11: After Obamacare
Blog 22: Policies offered by insurance exchanges
Blog 32 Glitchy website
Blog 38: A doctor’s perspective on health care reform
Blog 39: ACA’s bungled rollout
Blog 42: After Obamacare
Blog 43: High costs of complexity
Blog 44: ACA not a government takeover
Blog 53: Private insurance exchanges

Access to Care

Blog 8: Universal access, cost containment and more
Blog 33: Dead man walking
Blog 46: Obscene profits as barrier to health care
Blog 52: Catholic health systems
Blog 58: Churning in coverage

Costs of Care

Blog 13: Health care spending: 21st century goldrush
Blog 14: Cost sharing and unaffordability
Blog 17: Narrow networks
Blog 26: High costs of health care: not colonoscopies
Blog 36: Financing vs. delivery: reducing costs
Blog 40: Cost sharing; skin in the game
Blog 50: Outrageous pricing of drugs
Blog 56: Medical bills and credit ratings
Blog 61: Business interests

Quality of Care

Blog 47: Continuity of health care: going
Blog 54: Value transformation

Private Insurance

Blog 19: High risk pools
Blog 20: Premiums aren’t everything: sticker shock
Blog 30: We are all underinsured
Blog 60: AHIP: Ignagni


Blog 16: Why the census report is not reassuring
Blog 41: Inequality for all

Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Blog 5: Employer-sponsored health insurance
Blog 6: Employers vs. health and well-being

Payment Policy

Blog 4: Paying for primary care: fee-for-service
Blog 9: The end of SGR
Blog 12: Primary care payment quick fix
Blog 24: Carving out the brain
Blog 25: Is fee-for-service really the problem?
Blog 34: SGR—again and again
Blog 49: Replacing the SGR

Health Care Markets

Blog 28: Coordination and competition in health care
Blog 45: Americans pay more than money

Primary Care

Blog 59: Health reform and the future of primary care

Mental Health

Blog 35: Serious mental illness
Blog 59: Health reform and the future of psychiatry


Blog 29: Can the U.S. provide better care to more?
Blog 31: Single payer in states
Blog 37: Bernie Sanders’ single payer bill
Blog 55: Medicare’s rollout


Blog 57: Doctors’ allegiance and the Hippocratic Oath


Blog 7: Health care and undocumented immigrants
Blog 10:Can H.C. Reform Be a Multi-Partisan Issue?
Blog 15: Where’s the outrage?
Blog 18: The Republican non-plan for health care
Blog 21: What is conservatism in health care?
Blog 23: Rand Paul on health policy
Blog 27: Health care as a human right
Blog 48: Who is the health care system for?
Blog 51: The Republican CARE ACT
Blog 62: Prospects of presidential candidates
Blog 63: Rationing health care
Blog 64: What is Conservatism in health care
Blog 65: The ACA: Not a Government Takeover But a Privatized Bonanza
Blog 66: Continuity of Health Care: Going, Going
Blog 67: Catholic Health Systems: A Growing Threat to Access to Reproductive Services
Blog 68: Health Reform and the Futures of Primary Care and Psychiatry
Blog 69: The VA Scandal: What Lessons Can We Draw?
Blog 70: Cancer Care in the U.S.: The Achilles Heel of a Profit-Driven System
Blog 71: The Draft: Missing in the Inadequate Debate Over the Ongoing Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Blog 72: Health Care and Public Schools: Some Disturbing Parallels
Blog 73: Martin Luther King, Jr. - Health Care as a Moral Crisis
Blog 74: Brill's Bitter Pill: Accurate Diagnosis, Inadequate Treatment




Politics Continued

Blog 75: Obamacare at Age Five: Access to Care
Blog 76: Costs and Affordability of Care
Blog 77: The ACA at Age Five: What lessons can we draw?
Blog 78: The ACA at Age Five: What Lessons Can We Draw?
Blog 79: Privatization of Medicare: Urgency of the Latest Threat
Blog 80: Why the Private Insurance Industry Has to Go
Bog 81: Where is Hillary on Health Care?
Blog 82: Privatized Medicaid Managed Care: Yer Another Health Policy Disaster
Blog 83: Medicare at 50: Strengths to Build On
Blog 84: Who is the Patient: The Insurance Industry or Real People? (6/29/15)
Blog 85: Does the Affordable Care Act Guarantee Health Care as a Right? (7/6/2015)

Blog 86: Misinformation About the Cost of Single-Payer National Health Insurance (9/21/2015)
Blog 87:
Decreasing Number of Uninsured: Metric For Success of the Affordable Care Act? (10.26.15)
Blog 88: Big PhRMA: Blatant Greed and Disregard for the Public Interes (11.18.15)
Blog 89: Can We Ever Achieve Affordable Health Care in the U.S.? (11.23.15)?

Blog 90: The Continued Degradation of Health Insurance Under the ACA (12.3.15)
Blog 91: Growing Bureaucracy and Fraud in U. S. Health Care (12.8.15
Blog 92: Rationing of Health Care: Private Gain vs. The Common Good
Blog 93: High Deductibles and Narrow Networks: The Achilles Heel of the ACA'S Health Insurance
Blog 94: What Role Should the Government Have in U. S. Health Care?
Blog 95: Hillary’s Unsurprising and Disingenuous Opposition to Real Health Care Reform
Blog 96: Single-Payer NHI: The Only Way the U. S. Can Ever Get Affordable Health Care
Blog 97: Growing Support For a National Health Program and Health Care as a Human Right
Blog 98: Poor Coverage of Health Care by the Corporate Media: How Can the Electorate be Informed?
Blog 99. Hillary’s Public Option Proposal: Could It Work?Blog Blog 100: Corporate Social Responsibility in Health Care: No Such Thing (6.10.2016)
Blog 101: Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) in U. S. Health Care—Long Overdue (6.16.2016)
Blog 102: Why Single-Payer Must Be Part of the Democratic Platform (6.21.16)
Blog 103: Does the Private Health Care Marketplace Provide Efficiency And Value? (7.7.2016)
Blog 104. The Weak And Defeatist Democratic Platform On Health Care (7.12.2016)
Blog 105. Can Overuse of Health Care Be Managed By Giving Consumers More Choice And Responsibility? (7.18.2016)
Blog 106. Does More Technology Bring Us Better Health Care? (7.25.2016)
Blog 107: Does The U.S. Ration Health Care? (8.1.2016)
Blog 108:
Is National Health Insurance (Medicare For All) Socialized Medicine? (8.8.2106)
Blog 109: The Health Insurance Industry’s Last Ditch Holdup (8/15/2016)
Blog 110: TPP and the Dire Threat to Affordable Drug Prices
Blog 111: Would Single-Payer National Health Insurance Break the Bank?
Blog 112:
Is The American Public Ready For Single-Payer National Health Insurance?
Blog 113: Mylan’s EpiPen: Poster Child for Corporate Greed
Blog 114: Gap Insurance for Deductibles: The Insurance Industry’s Latest Profiteering Ploy (10.4.2016)
Blog 115: Electronic Health Records: Panacea vs. Unintended Consequences
Blog 116: Future Physicians’ Demands For National Health Insurance
Blog 117: Affordable Care Act: imploding and beyond repair
Blog 118: Our Profiteering Health Insurance Industry: Should The Government Bail It Out Again?
Blog 119: The Inadequate and Shoddy Debate Over Health Care
Blog 120: The Republican Plan to Repeal and Replace the ACA: Can It Work? (12.27.16)
Blog 121:
The Takeover of U. S. Health Care By Big Money
Blog 122: Fatal Flaws of Any Post-ACA Republican Replacement Plan
Blog 123: Now What, After the Demise of The Republicans’ Health Care Plan? (3.28.17)
Blog 124:How the GOP Can Avoid the Trap of Repealing the ACA (2.22.17)

Blog 125: Crossroads in US Health Care: Which of Three Financing Alternatives? (5.28.17)
Blog 126:
The Trump Administration’s Assault On Medicaid (6.7.17)
Blog 127: The GOP's Dilemma on Health Care: Political Self-Defeat at Every Turn (6.13.17)
Blog 128: Crisis in U.S. Health Care: Corporate Power Still Blocks Reform
Blog 129: The GOP and Trump: Their War Against Women
*A Truthout/Buzzfeed Exclusive*
Blog 130*: The Opioid Epidemic: Fueled by Greed, Corruption and Complicit Government (10.23.17)
*A Truthout/Buzzfeed Exclusive*
Blog 131: The Cautious and Unwise Division Among Democrats Over Medicare for All (10.31.17)
*A Truthout/Buzzfeed Exclusive*
Blog 132: Regulating U. S. Health Care: How and to What End? (11.11.17)
Blog 133: The GOP “Plan” For Medicaid: Why Block Grants To States Are a Bad Idea (11.27.17)
Blog 134: The Impending Destruction Of Medicaid By GOP Tax Cuts: Cruel And Un-American (12.8.18)
Blog 135: Corporate Mergers of Health Care Giants: CEOs and Wall Street Win, Patients Lose (1.9.18)
Blog 136: Trump's Medicaid: Sabotage of a Five-Decade Social Contract (1.17.18)
Blog 137: Why We Need Permanent Security Clearances For Candidates For the White House (2.12.18)
Blog 138: Sabotage of Obamacare and Republican Ownership of TrumpCare(7.17.18)
Blog 139: Deregulation Leads to Uncontrolled Costs of U. S. Health Care (7.23.18)
Blog 140: Winners and Losers under TrumpCare(8.27.18)
Blog 141: What is Happening With Trumpcare? (9.4.18)
Blog 142: Medicare For All: Another Surrender In Advance By The Democrats (9.20.18)
Blog 143: “Protection” of Pre-Existing Conditions: Blatant Lies By Trump and the GOP (10.29.18)
Blog 144: Profiteering, Waste, Corruption, And Fraud in U. S. Health Care: Worse Than You Think (11.19.18)
Blog 145: The Case Against Privatization of U. S. Health Care (12.3.18)